While supporting the immediate relief-supply needs of small communities affected by the triple disaster on 11 March, 2011, Team Sake is actively building up relationships and creating networks. In the process, as we see the vision of the future drawn from the villagers' hopes and ideas, we send it throughout the world on the internet, recruiting further assistance, to help bring these visions closer to realization. Providing such things as personnel (volunteer manpower), commodities, technical skills, and information, many people coming from across the nation, and indeed the globe, are able to use this website to assist survivors in whichever ways they themselves choose. This process in itself is considered to be the most encouraging and sustainable way of offering both short-term and long-term support for the villagers.

How to Use this Blog

Villagers' Needs

In the beginning, when we asked villagers what their needs were, they would only ask for a few basic things. As our relationships strengthen through repeated visits and ongoing support from those affiliated with Team Sake, they are opening up and becoming less reserved. On this blog Villagers’ needs (XXX) are only listed in Japanese, as these lists are constantly changing and high-maintenance to update.

If you would like to send goods, but unable to read Japanese, please contact Team Sake directly. Please provide your information including an estimate of how much you would like to donate, and where you live.

If you are able to read Japanese and have decided what you would like to send, please contact us to double-check the goods you have selected are still required, and then, once posted, contact us again to inform us that they’ve been sent. Please write a short note to the villagers to accompany the donation (English and pictures are okay).

If you are able to assist by volunteering in the field or as support crew from where you live, please contact us to let us know what you can do.

It is also possible to bank transfer financial donations directly to Team Sake, who can then purchase and deliver required goods when manpower allows. Donations.